GioSim – A New Italian Underwater Housing Brand


GioSim is a new Italian brand of technopolymer underwater housing for DSLR and mirrorless cameras.

GioSim is new brand and the owner has a lot experience in this sector, having worked with another Italian brand to produce the housing for video recording of freediving records.

These housings are made in technopolymer with special additives, can be custom made and have a body that is highly resistant to impact. Pressure does not deform the shape at depth, all the commands of the camera are outside the housing with mechanical controls and the handles are contoured  and made in nylon and rubber.

The housing has a  visual and audible leak alarm and a great eyepiece magnifier. The GioSim was created with a double plug for optical fiber but it is possible to have the traditional bulkhead for strobes type Nikonos. The housing weighs 0.24 Kg in air without the camera and in the water with the camera the buoyancy is slightly positive.

The GioSim brand has a variety of ports available, flat and dome for all needs, and also has a new mini-dome.

GioSim has housings for non-pro body Canon cameras, Nikon and for the mirrorless Sony and Pentax. The team are currently working on creating housings for Pro DSLR camera bodies such as for the Nikon D810 and Canon 5Dmk3.

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Gio-Sim by Advance sas
Via Verzelloni, 17
42015 Correggio (RE)
Tel. +39 (0)522 641487




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Cristian was born in 1976 Reggio Emilia and lives with his wife Alessia near Portofino. Cristian and Alessia are Italian professional photographers and specialize in wedding and advertising photography. They work for Seac Sub, Scubapro, Mares, Veleria San Giorgio and some 4 star hotels in the Italian Riviera. Cristian started to shoot underwater photography seriously at age of 13 and has never stopped since. In 2011, Cristian and Alessia made aa underwater photography manual for an Italian editor “La Fotografia Subacquea in Digitale”. Cristian collaborates with Scubaportal, Scubazone and Scubashooters.

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