Quality Divers – Celebrating 10 Years with Frequent Diver Rewards Program


Choosing the right dive center in the jungle of global opportunities is often a gamble. For this reason, dive sites worldwide have allied in the Quality Divers Group, to help choose the perfect destination. Each Quality Divers operator functions under agreed-upon security and service standards, to provide their guests the highest level of quality for an unforgettable dive holiday.

Among others the standards include NITROX availability in every center, safety regulations for dives and trips, as well as detailed briefings before each dive, regular checks of the centers, compressors and equipment. Supervision is provided by trained and competent staff, diving groups are of a maximum of six divers. Compliance with local maritime regimes and sustainable behavior towards the sea and the environment is also assured.

In 2017, the association is now celebrating its 10th anniversary, and for this reason the Quality Divers centers have created something very special for its already-existing and new members – the Frequent Diver Program.

NEW: The QD Frequent Diver Program

Earning points – getting premium deals!

The fact that being a Quality Divers member has its advantages is nothing new. But now it is even easier, and pays off even more for the member. Each member can select premiums directly online in the user profile, and redeem points with one click. Then the Quality Divers member just travels to the chosen Quality Divers base where the bonus is already waiting!

Underseahuntergroup, Cocos Island

Credit Quality Divers

How does it work?

The User registers online and enters his points online in his personal profile. Points can be collected on every visit to a Quality Divers Center. Before the next visit to a Quality Divers center, the member checks his points and has the opportunity to redeem them into a premium or to go on collecting and spend it later on a big premium!

Points are available for all diving products as well as courses – the premiums are created by each particular dive center. The listing of the premiums the user can find in his profile under each Quality Divers Center! The member has 1 month to give in the points from their last visit in a center – once they are in their profile they are valid for a lifetime. Existing Quality Divers members get a starting bonus of a value of 50 euros, which means 1000 points straight away just for registering! After registration, the previous Quality Divers Cards no longer need to be kept.

Information on the individual Quality Divers member bases, as well as the link to the premium program are available on the new homepage of Quality Divers: www.qualitydivers.com

To go directly to the registration page, follow this link:


Najada Diving, Croatia

Credit Quality Divers

We are an association of First Class Dive Operators in:

Calypso Diving Centre, Gozo

Celebes Divers, Indonesia

European Diving School, France

Fish n ́Fins, Palau (Winner Tauchen Award Indopacific, 2017)

Najada diving, Croatia

Sea Bees, Thailand

Sinai Divers, Egypt

Undersea Hunter Group, Cocos Island

Yucatek Divers, Mexico


Sea Bees Thailand

Credit Quality Divers

Sinai Divers Egypt

Credit Quality Divers




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