Bonex Scooters and Computers: Smart Technology for Advanced Dives


Now available for all Bonex Models – the LED battery control

First presented in September 2016 LED battery control, for the ECOS and ECOS + models only, the LED battery control will now be available as standard for all Bonex models. The LED battery indicator is placed on the tube of the scooter and indicates the current battery status by means of a three-color LED display (green – yellow – red) to the diver.

LED – Display

(lighting up of the mentioned LEDs)

Battery status
Green – Yellow – Red More than 60 %
Yellow – Red 20 – 60 %
Red Less than 20 %


Its ease of operation and readability greatly increases the safety of the dive. The diver is always in control of his battery status and can prepare, plan and adjust the dive accordingly. The LED battery control is available for a recommended sales price of 195 euros for each BONEX model and all models can also be upgraded with the feature.

Bonex Scooter GoPro

BIS (Bonex Information system): The Board dive computer now also available for all Bonex models

Through wireless transmission, the BIS shows relevant data during the dive, e.g. speed, engine temperature or battery status. The BIS is mounted with a click bracket on the tube in the direct field of view of the diver and can be read at any time. The user can also continuously retrieve additional dive data. Moreover, it presents individual equipment configurations in actual values and thus allows the diver to optimize their own performance effectively.

The BIS can be recharged conveniently and wirelessly by inductive energy transfer, and also has an integrated compass function. This high-quality dive computer is made for Open Circuit, as well as for CCR diving equipment. On dives without a Scooter, the BIS can be worn and used on the wrist. In the future, it is planned to equip the unit with an extended GPS function.

All Bonex types can be retrofitted with the holder for the BIS. Recommended sales price is 1339 euros (plus costs for transmitter and mounting).

Bonex Power Station (BPS): Protec Dive Centers Tulum, Mexico offer the Bonex Battery Charge Service

Since 2016 the active Bonex diver has already entered the pleasure of the new BPS. In dive centres where a BPS is available, the guest has the possibility to rent battery packs including charging unit and trim weights for his Bonex Scooter. The benefit: Travelling with around 10 kg less baggage, and no need to care about unpredictable battery transportation rules anymore.

After the Amigo Dive Center in Fort White Florida, the first supplier of the BPS, another center is now offering a BPS. The Protec Dive centers Tulum, Mexico provide their guests from January 2017 three battery sets including charger and trim lead for rent for all Bonex Reference models. The client purchases a voucher for the BPS at Bonex in advance, travels with his Bonex DPV to his destination and redeems the voucher comfortably at the dive centre. The global expansion of the network of participating centers of the BPS is planned for the future.

BPS voucher and further information available at:

Bonex Scooter Tech Diver




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