Author Goni Boller

Goni Boller is a scuba instructor, underwater photographer, biologist and travel writer at Her solo travels bring her to the best dive sites around the world. So far she traveled through and dived in over 70 destinations in Latin America, the Caribbean, Southeast Asia, Australia, Egypt and more.

Rhinopias are a type of scorpionfish, known by many divers as the holy grail. They can only be encountered in certain areas in the Indian and Pacific oceans and dive sites get frequented by divers just because they are known to be there. Here are some fun facts about these amazing creatures, the best destinations for divers to find them and how divers can identify what they find. Masters of camouflage Even in areas where Rhinopias are found, divers still need to be lucky to see them. They are very well camouflaged and they mostly rest on the sea floor,…